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A bolt action rifle was used for shooting subsonic. Mar 27, 2012 im looking for reloading data and results others may have had recently with the shorter barreled 308s. The data for lead freeheavy metal free primers will be printed at a later date. Here are a few tips and suggestions on how to load great ammo for your boltaction, precision rifle with the least amount of work. Imr 4064 is a mediumrange burn speed powder and is one of the most versatile propellant in the imr line, used for 223 remington, 22250 remington, 220 swift, 6mm remington, 243 winchester super short magnum, 308 winchester, 338 winchester magnum, and the list goes on and on.

All these powders are appropriate in the listed loads. If you do decide to use data found online, still reference your books, you never really know who is posting data, and a miscalculation or typo could be dangerous. Imr 8208 xbr is an accuratemetering, super shortgrained extruded rifle powder was designed expressly for match, varmint, and ar sniper cartridges. Ive put the sierra data for some popular calibres as pdf. Sierra reloading data for pdf download nz hunting and. All the loads on these pages are pressure tested according to the c.

Select a bullet type amax bt btsp etip hollow point hpbt j4 match jacketed partition jbt jsp sp spbt target tsx ttsx vld. All cartridge measurements are saami maximum and due to variations from manufacturers actual measurements may vary cartridge grs. To safely use this or any other guide or manual, you must keep yourself well. We will continue to develop reloading data that was not included in the 1st edition. Estimated internal ballistic computation of different calibers ammunition powder combinations can be performed with quickload software author hartmut broemel, babenhausen, germany. All reloading info shared is based on my experiences in my guns. Reloading guide 20061 this is a paperback version of the norma reloading manual, which contains loadingdata, all with normas powder. If you would like to be on our mailing list to receive updates and special offers, please. Would you like to be alerted when the item becomes available again.

Refer to our latest reloading manual or the reloading data center found on this website. Data is listed for most popular rifle, pistol, and shotshell cartridges. Only use published reloading data where this is taken into consideration. Buyers and users assume all risk, responsibility and liability whatsoever for any and all injuries including death, losses or damages to persons or property including consequential damages, arising from the use of any product or data, whether or not occasioned by sellers negligence or based on strict liability or principles of indemnity or. To create this type of target and plinking loads, we recommend our 60% rule with h4895. Listed below we show a few examples of such loads throughout the reloading data center, but the fun doesnt stop there. I just picked up some of the same bullets to test in my 3006.

From 17 caliber varmint cartridges to large dangerous game loads, the hand loader has access to over 200 different calibers featuring a variety of loads for the full line of hornady bullets. Reloading tools, data and recipes for handgun and rifle. Recommended powder c compressed load 6 175grain match burner sectional density. Retumbo adds 40100 fps more velocity to these cartridges when compared to other normal magnum powders. What no one tells you download hornady 10th edition. Using bullets from sierra jacketed hp, sierra jacketed sp, hornady jacketed sp, nosler jacketed j4, nosler jacketed partition, sierra jacketed hpbt, hornady jacketed amax, nosler jacketed ballistic tip. The load data contained on this site is intended for use with barnes bullets. The loads listed in this guide are only to be used with sinterfire bullets.

The berger bullets reloading manual is available for purchase through your favorite berger dealer. Refer to the current speer reloading manual for handloading instructions. Since i have no control over variations in components, reloading tools or reloaders procedures, the individual is solely responsible for any changes in ballistics that may occur using this data. Because of the freedom speer reloading manual pdf gives you over how you play your music and where, there is a cost. Could definitely use a load that shoots at fps w 165200gr bullets. Rheinmetall denel munition strives to deliver products of high standard to satisfy our customers. Loading your own cartridges is a pleasant hobby and we are proud to have gained your confidence, in using our products. In addition, the apps weather and internet speed measurements give it allaround speer reloading manual pdfity. Bullets from other manufacturers may not produce equivalent pressure or velocities.

Load data is out of date as powder formulations have changed since then. Berger bullets reloading manual1st edition brownells. Reduced loads in 308 for youth long range hunting forum. To that end, loaders should gradually increase charge weight from the starting load. If you dont see trail boss data for your favorite cartridge we have a formula for developing loads for all cartridges and its simple to follow. Sierra bullets load data for 2018 new matchking bullets. Rifle reloading for flexible usage, we provide our reloading data in metric and imperial dimension systems, i. Sierra bullets is excited to release load data for four of our newest bullets. This website is designed to aid the reloading fraternity in the optimal. This information and data may vary considerably depending on many factors, including the components used, component assembly, the type of firearm used, reloading techniques, safety precautions practiced, etc. To view this reloading guide in a pdf format, click the red button below. He has quite a bit of load data and he is a very helpful person. I kept my recipes written down in a small notebook, im looking into upgrading to a binder so that i can punch holes in targets and attach them.

In the hornady manual it does not say, but there are not as many choices with the 308 winchester service rifle data v. Hodgdon was the first to introduce this popular propellant in 1950 and, since that time, it has become a favorite for cartridges like the 270 winchester, 25. Once data was gathered for each cartridge at a given. Listed below, you will find data for additional cartridges, along with new bullet offerings in the original cartridges. The hodgdon reloading data center rdc lists 21 different powder types that can be used in the.

Preferred brass for a 6br, there is one clear choice in brasslapua, with norma the only real second choice. It is also ideal for a wide variety of centerfire rifle loads, including 222 remington, 3030 winchester, 30 winchester, and up to 458 winchester magnum. This formula may be used in both rifle and pistol applications. The sierra 65grain spitzer boat tail and 69grain matchking hpbt gave excellent results in the ar15 with a onein9inch twist. Free printable reloading data sheets and box label templates. Free pdf lyman reloading manual online 44th edition edit. To maximize performance, the ballistics experts at western powders, inc. The latest in reloading, straight to your inbox keep uptodate on new products, trends and tips from the leader in reloading. Never use this data for powders that may have similar numerical designations. You know the drill, state at the min and work up slowly to the max.

If you would like more complete information, guidance and education for beginners as. Jan 12, 2017 the 10th edition hornady handbook of cartridge reloading features over 1,000 pages of reloading data, techniques and bullet information. Handbook 5th edition reloading manual lyman reloading lyman reloading manual lyman reloading handbook pdf lyman ar15 reloading manual lyman reloading data lyman shotshell reloading manual lyman shotshell reloading. Please read the next chapter carefully before continuing. Anybody have reloading info pages that fit into a 3ring binder. The most uptodate and comprehensive 223 rem data available new data for. Shooters world llc does not warrant the safety of quickload maximum loads, but does recognize the quickload soft. Email this page subscribe to this thread 05072012, 08.

As a competitive cartridge, the 308 has been used in benchrest, highpower, longrange, silhouette, and 300meter international matches. Oct 21, 2015 free printable reloading data sheets and box label templates. Increase your rifles performance up to 200 fps without extra chamber pressure, recoil, muzzle blast, temperature sensitivity, fouling, or loss of accuracy. Reloading guide for centre fire ammunition was created as manual for reloading of lovex. This data must be used only with imr smokeless powders. We wish you successful reloading with vihtavuori premium rifle powders. For the most comprehensive up to date reload data, including the most recent new caliber. Hodgdon, imr, and winchester smokeless propellants.

As a medium burn speed propellant, xbr is ideally suited for cartridges like the 223 remington5. Here is a pdf of an old reloading data book from hodgden. Rainier bullets load data pdf rainier recommends using commercially published jacketed bullet load data when loading our bullets. My goal is 1 moa being a bolt action gunner for quite some time, i never had the problem of long throated barrels and short magazines.

The site has data for imr4320, varget, blc2 and h335 as well as 10 or more other powders. Hornadys newest reloading manual doesnt list imr 4064 for the eld bullets in the. For flexible usage, we provide our reloading data in metric and imperial dimension systems, i. Occasionally, we will temporarily publish load data on this page when a bullet becomes available and is not yet listed in the latest edition of the handbook. One of the easiest and costeffective ways to improve your reloaded ammos performance is to keep a log especially if you are using a multistage press to produce several rounds at a time. Like the 222 remington and 6mm ppc, the 308 is an extremely accurate cartridge. Load development load data the best reloading manual.

Redding reloading is now providing advanced handloaders data sheets in printable pdf format. Milsurp brass is a wee bit thicker, so it has a slightly lower case capacity. This free form allows handloaders to document their tool settings, bushing size, powder charge, load specs coal etc. Welcome to the predator masters forums welcome to predator.

Ive gone through several manuals, and am a regular stalker here, picking up lots of tips. Remove bullets from rifle and pistol cartridges without causing damage while capturing the bullet and powder for reuse. Hornady manufacturing company develops and publishes reloading data for the. The new hornady auto charge pro provides precise, customizable powder dispensing in an easytouse, space saving unit. The 219 donaldson wasp might be described as a sharpershouldered blownout 219 zipper, for that case has most often been used to form brass for this early forties wildcat. Handgun the handgun section contains loads for the more popular. Select a bullet make barnes berger hornady nosler sierra speer swift. That link has info on working up reduced loads with trail boss and some data for 22250 on up. Sierra gamechanger load data midsouth shooters supply. In this section youll find anything related to reloading data, be it our norma reloading manual, burning rate chart or how to store your powder.

The lowflame temperature extends barrel life compared to other similar speed powder. Free pdf lyman reloading manual online 44th edition. Ballistics data contained in this guide was obtained at western powders. Shotshell reloading data 12 guage hunting compiled by uncle daves enterprise updated 09102007. As with any reloading endeavor, the elimination of risk should be foremost on the loaders mind. Handloading can be dangerous and its important to us that you dont hurt yourself or others. It probably is the most inherently accurate 30 caliber commercial cartridge ever produced. Right click on the image of the load data and use save as.

Please enter your email address and quantity below and we will send you an alert when the item becomes available. Sep 06, 2007 buy at least 2 books if you dont already have some and cross reference the data between the 2 books, and never go below the minimums. Rheinmetall denel munition provides propellants to manufacturers of ammunition for the sporting, hunting and the bisley markets, as well as directly to the reloading market. He has developed a proprietary cartridge he calls the. Preferred brass for a 6br, there is one clear choice. Always make certain that you use the correct ammunition in your rifle. Weve launched a new site that makes it even easier to browse your favorite speer products and buy them. Reloading data log the good side, if there is one to the component shortage, is that it has given me time to read manuals, forums, etc before even attempting any hand loads. I did it because i wanted a solid shooting platform that would eliminate as much shooter. The data in this guide is not to be used with lead freeheavy metal free primers.

For this type of shooting, loads are reduced even more than the hunting loads listed here. Wasp cases, however, have also been made from 2535, 3030, and 22 high power brass as well. Three powder reloading manuals in one reload data from three powder companies is included in this one reloading manual. The cartridge case is the foundation for a good handload. The hodgdon load data site has load data for a 63gr sei sp bullet that will work just fine for your 62gr bullet.

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