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The canfield connector series 5jmsd is a solenoid driver circuit coil saver tucked away in our all new inline electronics package coupled with our 5j allmolded din solenoid valve connectorgasketcord assembly for din 43650 form a, industry and form c solenoid valve connectors en 1753018032000. Can be used on any size valve and any standard 3pin din 43650 connector. Other options include 12 conduits, and ledvdr models. The binder series ma solenoid connectors are available in low profile or standard size housings. Brad mpm din form b industrial with circuitry molex. Choose from our selection of din 43650 connectors in a wide range of styles and sizes. Type 6012 data sheet plunger valve 32 way directacting burkert. The pur overmolded versions are ip67 rated and have m12 connectors on the opposite end. Din 43650, form a iso 4400 for dc switching solenoids from. The mlt allows precise timing and logic functions in a small, easily mounted enclosure. A tvs surge suppression diode is built into dc coils.

Htp manufactures din 43650 connectors type a, b, c, m8 and m12 circular connectors and distribution boxes, 78. The p10020 is designed to mate with series 5000 or other din 43650 form a iso 4400, en175301803. Canfield connector was founded in 1977 and soon, began manufacturing din 43650 connectors, timers, proportional solenoid drivers, and air cylinder position sensors. We were the first in the solenoid valve industry to create a virtually indestructible all molded din 43650 connector. Din ip65 electrical connector din 46244 din 43650 form. Industrial form b, din 43650 11mm prewired molded connectors ground pin location must be specified. Sc18ls243 solenoid valve cable, 18mm din 43650 form a molded connector to 3wire pigtail, 24 vacvdc, 18 awg, pvc jacket, 9. The canfield connector micro logic timer is a solid state electronic timing unit incorporated inside the standard mini and din 43650 form a iso 4400, en 175301 803. Here is a comparison chart for the basic characteristics of all three forms of din 43650 solenoid valve connectors. Din 43560 a industrial form b din 43650 b industrial form c din 43650 c 18mm 11mm 10mm8 mm9. Form a connectors are currently available in pg 9, pg 11, m16, or 12 npt thread sizes. Hirschmann gdm valve connectors din 43650 hirschmann gdm valve connectors offer a range of rectangular din 43650 connectors. Form b features pg 9 or 12 npt threads, while form c connectors are only available with pg 7 thread.

The canfield 5ffac series allmolded din solenoid valve connectorgasketcord offer a completely molded plug and play design that interfaces female iso din style a en175301803 formerly din 43650, mini and 9. Din flanges summary chart rated pressure in bar 1 bar 14. Nbr profile, nbr flat or epdm flat, each with different characteristics. While nbr rubber is an oilresistant material, epdm rubber isn. Xzcc43fcp40b female, din 43650 a, 4pin, elbowed connector cable gland pg 11. Hirschmann connectors include the gdm series including form a, b and c din en 175301803 as well as the industrial version that are approved across international vde, ul,csa,gl. Din 43650, form a iso 4400 for dc switching solenoids from 29 or bigger. There are also three gasket options available for din connectors. Pdf eurgf2010 e218123 din 43650 form a din 43650 c4 c22200n0r c28200n0r s28200tc320r s28200tc420r hydraulic solenoid valve.

Standard version without circuit, with led, varistor, rectifier, pole protection orand freewheeling diode. The protection class of the power reduction plug is ip65 when fitted according to en 60529. The most common application for mpm connectors is in conjunction with hydraulic, pneumatic or electro magnetic devices, including solenoid valves. Spade connector in accordance with din 43650 form a. Some versions conform to industrystandard c and din en 175301803 formerly din 43650. This version of internet explorer is either no longer supported by microsoft, or is obsolete and some features of. Din 43650 solenoid valve connectors will have different thread types for the cable entry, depending on the form. Ratings, requirements,test german only this document comes with our free notification service, good for the life of the document. Nitra square din 43650a standard form a cables 18mm pin spacing are available in 24vacdc and 110vacdc with surge suppression and yellow led. The connecting cable has to be attached to the screw terminals in the plug. Each size is available for user wiring or factory prewired installations. In engineering, the term solenoid refers to a variety of transducer devices that convert energy into linear motion. Applications with industrial hydraulic, pneumatic automation. Ascos electrical connection devices are designed using the din 43650 iso4400 or din 46244 pg 9p form standards consistent with our solenoid valve coil designs and permitting industry interchangeability.

The binder solenoid connectors series mc are available in low profile housings. Din 43650, en 175301803, iso 4400, 6952, 15217 connector for electrovalve, with shielded or unshielded cable. Form a connectors have u shaped pins facing inwards with an 18 mm pin spacing. Theyre made to function within certain voltage limits. Din 43650 solenoid connectors are durable metal or plastic valve connectors used in machine building, tooling and equipment manufacture. Din 43650, en 175301803, iso 4400, 6952, 15217 connector for electrovalve, with shielded. Din 43650 is the standard for a series of electrical connectors, which are commonly used with solenoid valves especially those used on valves in hydraulics and pneumatics.

Other applications include the connection special sensors, such as pressure switches, filter switches, optical, proximity and limit switches. Din ip65 electrical connector din 46244 din 43650 form b with pg9 gland for cables sizes 68mm. They are also available with zener diodes and indicator leds. Ultra low power coils coil chart 12 are used on valves with a unique solenoid operator designed to keep current draw to a. They conform to industrystandard a and din en 175301803 formerly din 43650. Mencom carries a full line of en175301803 formerly din 43650 and industry standard is solenoid valve connectors. Conforming to din 43650 iso44006952 the mpm range of connectors is used extensively to provide electrical connections in a wide range of applications. Din 43650 solenoid connectors are available in three formats. Ip00 with spade connector, ip20 with protective cap, ip65 with cable plug. Aspects such as housing shape, pin type, pin spacing, and cable entry all vary depending on whether the connector is form a, form b, or form c. Ala industries limited 1150 southpoint circle, ste. Din 43650 form a solenoid valve connectors engineering360. Din 43650 to m12 molded cable assemblies for distribution box applications din 43650 a 18mm dual ground industrial form b 11mm ground up industrial form c 9.

Overmolded pigtail assemblies are available in 3m or 5m lengths and are rated ip67. Here links you can download the pdf of connector for controlling directly electrovalves with high power. Function once the power has been switched on, nominal current passes through the solenoid for approx. Position is noted looking at the face of the connector with the cable exiting down.

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