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Each tour is fully customizable and can be adjusted. Petersburg as they depart from and arrive to the train stations located right in the heart of the cities, thus connecting both capitals from citycenter to citycenter in a short period of time around 4 hours. Buy your train ticket online via the booking links bellow. I get 5 full days in moscow the first day we will be a bit tired so will take it easy. The length of the field must be between 1 and 35 characters arrival city coincides with the point of departure unknown station. Petersbourg avec ses principales vues available also through the library of congress web site as a raster image. There is also a restaurant car with a wide range of main courses, salads, desserts and beverages. Petersburg metro too has certain terms and conditions, with regards to the size of the baggage.

Buy train tickets from moscow to st petersburg and all other russian train routes online using the real. During the validity period you can visit each museums and tours from the program once. The latter should keep me busy until i leave in june. St petersburg thanks to the new high speed sapsan rail link, you can reach st petersburg in great comfort in three hours and 45 minutes. We took the sapsan bullet train to moscow, from st. Take the night train from moscow to novgorodits cheaper than trains to st. Trips from moscow to st petersburg are most popular in may, with the most tours doing this route then. Moscow and st petersburg tailormade russia scott dunn. Very glad we went to four cities moscow, suzdal, novgorod, st petersburg. The station is in the city centre, so soon after we pick you up you will be on nevsky prospect, the citys most famous boulevard, on your way to a. Moscow vs st petersburg russia lonely planet forum. To travel from munich to saint petersburg by train, please read the following information. Understanding the culture of st petersburg is a challenge that would take times to undertake. The length of the field must be between 1 and 35 characters unknown station.

It is a terminus for the saint petersburgmoscow railway and other lines running from central and south russia, crimea, siberia and eastern ukraine. All you need to know about trains between moscow and st petersburg from. Y ou will be staying in a series of hotels in moscow and st petersburg holiday inn sokolniki, moscow nights 1 to 3 this welcoming hotel is located in. Specific information about each route can be found by clicking the route in the search results. Guaranteed departures a bucket list adventure for every. Purchase russian train tickets online safely and securely. In the table below there is the approximate sapsan highspeed train from st. The shortest travel distance between moscow ru and saint petersburg ru is 7 km. You visit moscow and then dash up to russias socalled northern capital. Map, available online, 1700 to 1799, saint petersburg.

Moscow to st petersburg train sapsan train tickets moscow st. Moscow to st petersburg train sapsan train tickets moscow. You can use this to book online with real russia, a good option as they offer good. It can be crowded and chaotic, but with shops, bars, restaurants and internet cafe moscow station can be a convenient place to hang out if you have to wait for your train. Petersburgs palaces and buildings, political history, and the private lives of russias rulers. A perfect way to see the most that russia has to offer is to take a tour that combines visits to russias largest cities moscow and st. Contact rspb travel with your russia st petersburg visitation questions and queries and we will get back to you within hours, features our contact form. Learn some facts about moscow saint petersburg railway route and book tickets for. Serving the public for 10 years, russianrail offers discounts on moscow st.

Select an option below to see stepbystep directions and to compare ticket prices and travel times in. Use our russian train search engine to check russian train schedules and your route. We are a family of 5 arriving in moscow from australia in july 2008 we will be travelling to st petersburg after 2 nights stay in moscow. Petersburgs existence, the english community was one of the largest minority. Petersburg are the two main russian centers of business and culture, thats why the way from moscow to saint petersburg is one of the most popular train routes in russia and is widely used by tourists as well as locals. A beginners guide to train travel in russia buy russian train tickets. Petersburg, russia is an index and summary of bookshops in st petersburg. Named after a fast highflying bird, a modern bullet sapsan train is the smartest way to travel between moscow and st. Serving the public for 10 years, russianrail offers discounts on moscowst.

At the beginning of this year i took my first high speed train ride from moscow to st petersburg. Petersburg look around and in the evening take the elektrichka to st. Immerse yourself in the intellectual and political history of moscow at some of the nations most important institutions, museums, and monuments. If youre traveling to russia, the most common thing to do is to visit its two main cities, moscow and st. Moskovsky railway station saint petersburg wikipedia. Very glad we went to four cities i had an even better time than i expected. To see the full version of the schedule, please use our special train tickets booking form at the top of the page.

Petersburg 19001920 is the quintessential guide to russias vibrant and influential silver age. Sapsan trains are operated by russian railways and are running regularly connecting st. Petersburg, please enter the source and destination and then select the shortest option in the mode dropdown. How to get from moscow to tallinn by plane, train, car. Like many of the other metro networks in the world, the st. Guide books the rough guide to st petersburg is an excellent addition to the series, with exhaustive and entertaining information on the history and culture of the city, written with wit and a genuine understanding of russian life and traditions. Sapsan trains high speed russian train from moscow to st. Bowlt sheds new light on russias silver age, the period of artistic renaissance that flourished as imperial russias power waned. The book is the the novel of a series of extraordinary stories about erast fandorin and his adventures. We also issue sapsan train tickets online quickly and professionally. The enigmatic capital, moscow, and its younger sibling, the graceful st petersburg, are without doubt two of russias greatest possessions. Can someone who travels often, between these two cities tell us what is the face value of this ticket, for a 3rd class, overnight st petersburg to moscow, the cheapest or the average as we are aware of the difference btw trains. Each tour is fully customizable and can be adjusted to fit any budget.

Before i left for saint petersburg i packed three books. Highspeed sapsan trains, operated by russian railways, are among the most popular options for traveling between moscow and st. A frequent question is which would be the best way to travel between moscow and st. The distance between the two cities is more than 700 kilometers so you have to choose a method of transport to travel between them. Sapsan highspeed train tickets moscow to st petersburg.

Petersburg at the hermitage, the czars winter palace, catherines palace or the grounds of peterhof, the faberge museum, and an evening at the theater. Snag cheap air tickets from moscow to st petersburg pulkovo. We also would like to pay your attention that the number of trains per day and departurearrival time can vary depending on the weekday. Find the flight thats right for you and your budget. There are seven train stations in moscow and each serves different areas of russia. Moscow and st petersburg please critique the itinerary. How much is a train ticket st petersburg to moscow. To estimate the travel cost, find the trip cost from moscow to st. Moscow to saint petersburg 9 ways to travel via train, bus. Petersburg, moscow, and nizhny novgorod with a few stops in between. Cheap flights from moscow to st petersburg pulkovo from. Petersburgs history from its founding to the present. My problem this time was the library just had two big heavy allrussia books and an eastern europe, but no moscowst petersburg specific ones.

Moscows only real must see sights for most people are the kremlinred square there is of course much more to see if you want to, whereas petersburg has a lot more must sees that you cant do any justice to in a weekend. Select an option below to see stepbystep directions and to compare ticket prices and travel times in rome2rios travel planner. The train 003004 express is a fast train with an increased level of service operating on st. With the help of books written by locals, by passionate historians or just by people who simply love the city, one can try to see the different cites of the city that once held the title of russias capital and has been through 300 years of turbulent historical events.

They all seem to be set on some country estate or other. Embrace moscow for its intriguing history and spectacular architecture and st petersburg for its sparkling waterways and unrivalled elegance. To get the best price it is preferable to book tickets online in advance. These sapsan trains are known for being fast and on time and both these expectations met. It is captivating, as the main act happens between st petersburg, moscow and london, and explores the lives of the modern golden youth, combining descriptive nonfiction elements with fictional characters. Moscow to saint petersburg 9 ways to travel via train.

There are 9 ways to get from moscow to saint petersburg by train, bus, rideshare, car, plane or subway. This is a far cry from the journey from moscow to st. Then the overnight sleeper train to st petersburg 6 days at st petersburg, overnight train back to moscow, go directly to the airport, and fly back home. Petersburg train tickets safely and securely online. The citypass is activated from the moment of the first visit of any museum, bus or a ship. His narrative is excellent and often picturesque, especially on court life and pageantry. Oct 22, 2015 15 reasons you should never ever visit st. After a relaxed morning, we check out of the hotel and transfer to st petersburg railway station where we board the fast train for our four hour journey to moscow. The ride on board this modern highspeed train is as smooth as any modern train or urban commuter rail experience seen anywhere in the world.

These highspeed trains are a popular choice among the travelers for the comfort that they offer onboard as well as convenient centrally located departure and arrival stations. So ask your hotel or tour director for the train station that serves arrivals from st. In this elegantly written narrative survey, john e. Petersburg twitter you have certainly heard it from people who has travelled and has had the chance to admire the moscow and st. There are 7 ways to get from moscow to tallinn by plane, train, car ferry, bus or car. Find cheap flight tickets from moscow to st petersburg pulkovo. Petersburg as the two largest and best known cities in russia, moscow and st.

Sapsan is the fastest train service between moscow and st. Plus moscow has better shopping, restaurants and nightlife. Optional routes available via ukraine, if you want to avoid belarus. Petersburg metro map, lines, route, hours, tickets. Petersburg, transsiberian and other popular routes. Three centuries of murderous desire is published by hutchinson. Petersburg that travelers had to endure before first sapsan train tickets went on sale.

This highspeed russian train is capable of reaching the speed of 250 kph 155 mph, connecting the city centers of the two russian capitals in only 3. Learn about the sapsan highspeed train, timetable, seat classes, stations, sapsan. Do you need to book moscow railway station tickets in advance. St petersburg by jonathan miles 300 years of murderous. Petersburg to moscow more than 200 years ago, a russian aristocrat from st. Find tours that start in moscow, and then finish in st petersburg in russia. Petersburg without a russian visa up to 72 hours only if they arrive by ferries and follow certain rules, check here for all the details. Both have served as the capital of russia for periods of the countrys history. Petersburg citypass, you get the travel guide with tearoff coupons. To find the map for the shortest distance from moscow to st. When is the best time to book for flights from moscow to st petersburg pulkovo. We worked out a thoroughly planned itinerary in order to help you to get the most out of three days in st. Choose the highspeed sapsan train to travel from moscow to st.

The train has its own theme song that plays as it departs from the station. Moscow to st petersburg train sapsan train tickets. Include the direct night trains from germany to moscow. Ill be visiting moscow and st petersburg this august 1st time. Moscow to saint petersburg train timetable below, you can find an example of the timetable from moscow to st. To serve this demand, trains depart from moscow to saint petersburg frequently. Highspeed train sapsan moscow 2020 all you need to. Yes chekov was an all about trees and countryside, and the ruination of both under the march of industry, which makes it so ironical that his cherry orchard and white dacha is being threatened with the bulldozers.

How to get from moscow to tallinn by plane, train, car ferry. There are certain rules which need to be followed while using the escalators. Petersburg on the neva and moscow on the moskva river. I just looked in amazon and there are a ton of different guide books for there.

Petersburg ticket offerings are the most competitive on the web. Not any of the five bestknown ones, as far as im aware. Purchase russian train tickets online safely and securely with russianrail. Russia moscow and st petersburg europe eastern europe. It has several cash machines and a left luggage room and a couple of sightseeing opportunities as well. Russia guide book moscowst petersburg recommendations.

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