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A preschool bugs and insects theme that includes preschool lesson plans, activities and interest learning. Home preschool lesson plans bugs preschool lesson plan. The icky bug counting book activities printable prek. Last week i was able to work with a kindergarten classroom as we immersed ourselves in all things insects. For many children, icky bugs are endlessly fascinating. Your little entomologists will have a blast learning about insectsbugs with the activities that are packed into these theme lesson plans. Match the numbers from the right to the sentence on the l. The icky bug counting book activities printable prek 2nd grade. So in essence, youre learning both the alphabet and numbers. The icky bug counting book by jerry pallotta goodreads. Lesson plan students will tear colored paper into shapes appropriate to imaginary insects.

Students add up the dots to make an addition problem. Use the book or other resources such as library books or internet pictures to assist. I think this because if you read it backwards it is an alphabet book. This activity, based on jerry pallottas book the icky bug counting book. This adapted book works on counting from 110 using bugs vocabulary, including firefly, caterpillar, butterfly, dragonfly and bee. Bugs and insects preschool theme preschool lesson plans. The icky bug counting book jerry pallottas counting books. Bestselling author jerry pallotta and illustrator ralph masiello return with even more icky bugs. This book helps children discover why farmers like the praying mantis, how the water spider breathes underwater, and other intriguing facts about the world of bugs and insects. Use the stamps to stamp lots and lots of bugs and insects on the paper. They will be retrieving interesting information about the most common insects from the readers and outside sources and relaying what they have learned. Students will catch and count pompoms and use imagination, representation, counting, and qualitative skills during this play based math activity. This extraordinary counting book is full of astonishing illustrations and amazing facts about the fascinating world of insects. Oct 22, 2015 this interactive insect game will engage students in collecting and counting bugs.

Students read the very hungry caterpillar and practice the days of the week. Youngsters count their way through this fact filled. This bugs, bugs, bugs lesson plan is suitable for 1st 3rd grade. Instructions read the icky bug counting book aloud to the class.

Large piece of paper, bugs and insects stamps, stamp pads, single dice, markers. Images courtesy of publishers, organizations, and sometimes their twitter handles. Each group is responsible for one kind of bug bee, ant, butterfly or ladybug. I gather the students around my big chair and i say to them, boys and girls, i am going to read a. I keep it simple below you can see that i provide them with the facts from my bugs math and literacy unit. This is a mini book designed to help early learners count. Of particular interest in this book is that the numbers extend to 26. Mar 26, 2015 the icky bug book written by jerry pallotta illustrated by ralph masiello read by sandra swaidan. A monthtomonth guide math solutions publications, 2003. This appealing, childmade board game integrates, math, science, and the visual artsusing an earthfriendly recycled box. These lesson plans are about one of the busiest insects, bees. Get to know the bugs around us with emerging readers who use jerry pallottas informative book icky bug colors to learn vocabulary in context. Science and art activities will extend students enjoyment of the icky bug counting book.

Teacher resources are online instructional tools created by teachers for teachers to help integrate trade books seamlessly into the classroom. The icky bug counting book by jerry pallotta scholastic. Bug go bug go is designed to help the players learn to identify some insects while learning which insects are beneficial and interesting facts about others. I think that the icky bug counting book is really creative. These lesson plans and activities are full of ideas about books and songs to share, crafts to do and science lessons to teach for an insect unit. Mar 25, 2018 to study bug characteristics, i divide the class into four groups. As is typical with counting books, the number of different kinds of insects in the icky bug counting book progresses from one page to the next. Bugs lesson plan everything preschool bugs lesson plan. Nonfiction this book helps children discover intriguing facts about. At the end, you discover that there are 26 different bugs because there are 26 letters of the alphabet, and each bug starts with a different letter. Help your kindergartners practice counting twodigit numbers using this fun bug themed worksheet. In groups, they create a puppet show, design cards of the days of the week, draw their favorite part of the story, create a visual representation of each stage of the caterpillars growth, and place sentence strips in sequential story order. Shapes will be arranged and glued to a background sheet. Kindergarten and preschool bugs lessons and activities.

This all about bugs lesson plan is suitable for kindergarten. A thematic crosscurricular unit this ebook offers practical ideas, readytouse activities, and blacklines for your insects or creepy crawlies theme. I like bugs by margaret wise brown bugs, bugs, bugs by mary reid where do insects live. Bugs activities and lesson plans for prek and preschool. Other things that i like in this book are the illustrations, they are terrific and the bugs that are in the book are extraordinary bugs that you dont see in your every day life. Instructions for making the book are included in the lesson plans. The icky bug counting book by jerry pallotta and ralph masiello. See more ideas about preschool activities, insect activities and preschool. Jan 01, 1986 the icky bug alphabet book is definitely fun, detailed and informative both as an alphabet book and as a general introduction to insects, to bugs, but i have to say that i personally find the title rather no, quite misleading as in my opinion, none of the insects featured and presented by jerry pallotta are what i would consider in any way icky. This lesson is about insects rather than parasites, but it teaches students about some insect parasites e.

Bug lesson plans over 50 pages of new, enriched and creative ideas for preschool, kindergarten, daycares and homeschools all about bugs and insects. The icky bug alphabet book by jerry pallotta scholastic. The icky bug counting book activities printable prek 2nd. The icky bug counting book is full of astonishing illustrations and amazing facts about the fascinating world of insects. The icky bug counting book is a refreshing change from many of the books designed for young children. Students will see pictures of insects that bite and sting, and others of insects that dont bother people. Numbers, counting, matching, patterns and grouping. Bugs and insects theme activities to help your preschoolers develop math skills and those small muscles in their hands. They will be using math as a scientist would today as they go outside to study the bugs present in a nature area. Ralph masiello introduces the characteristics and activities of insects and other crawly creatures.

I begin the lesson by reminding students that many people use math each day. Binder size for extra durability and compact size for convenience. Explore an insect theme with your preschoolers for this spring. The icky bug alphabet book printables, classroom activities. As explained in the directions below, the icky bug counting book is a wonderful springboard. Precision in language use as well as in the counting of details is encouraged by questions such as. Garden critters, worms, snails, ladybugs, bees, caterpillars and butterflies are the focus of these preschool lesson plans and activities. All about bugs lesson plan for kindergarten lesson planet. Students observe insects in real life, organize them into groups, and. When you get back to the classroom, help your students create a list of familiar insects. We started insect week by reading insect detectives by steve voake. This will take measurement, counting, tallying, observing and then, when we come back inside, sharing what we have found. This is a digital story targeted for younger audiences in the grades k1 that focuses on counting.

Insect theme preschool lesson plans by eceducation101 tpt. Bugs and garden critters preschool activities and crafts. The icky bug counting book starts at 0 and counts various bugs on each page, up to the number 26. It would be fantastic if we could share a link that is highly beneficialuseful, that doesnt cost a. Lesson plan from charlesbridge created by charlesbridge view the pdf share. Bugs and insects lesson plans and centers key to kinders. Lots of science, space, ela, esl, music, art, pd, lesson plans and resources. Bugs, bugs, bugs lesson plan for 1st 3rd grade lesson. Bugs and garden critters preschool and kindergarten activities, crafts, games, and lessons. Lesson plan from charlesbridge created by charlesbridge. Each student prepares an individual report on the bug and the fact they will be.

Click here to learn about these resources seen above. For this part of the lesson, you will need the book one hungry monster by okeefe and munsinger or a similar counting book that counts upward, not backwards. The goal of this unit is for first grade students to learn about various bugs. This set is part of our spring theme preschool classroom lesson plan bundle. After they finish filling in the missing numbers, have them color their favorite insects. Jerry pallottas lighthearted text and ralph masiellos vivid illustrations make this alphabetic exploration of small animal life both fun and informative. Bug theme for preschool curriculum lesson plans about bugs. Once again, jerry pallotts perfect blend of information and humor has created a favorite for children and adults. Gettingand holdingthe childrens attention requires planning, flexibility, and energy. The lesson is excerpted from vicki bachmans firstgrade math. Pallotta is not only teaching kids to count and read, but hes also teaching them. Bugs counting books adapted books by irish rose place tpt. If your child loves digging in the dirt for bugs, shell love this collection of icky insect worksheets. Apr 24, 2012 this is a digital story targeted for younger audiences in the grades k1 that focuses on counting.

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