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In both cases white challenges the bishop and aims to gain time to construct his centre and prepare an attack. A gambit from ancient italian gambetto, meaning to trip is a chess opening in which a player, more often white, sacrifices material, usually a pawn, with the hope of achieving a resulting advantageous position. And i would say its a natural choice for most of the young players. Search the chess games database, download games, view frequent practitioners and browse the opening explorer.

This game shows the danger of letting the center of the board be controlled by white. White offers a pawn to divert the black bishop on c5. Last week, we looked at the origins of the exciting evans gambit today, lets find out how the opening has journeyed through history to modern day while in keeping with his style, wilhelm steinitzs torturous defensive method against the evans gambit in some ways made the gambit look quite strong. Bobby fischer and garri kasparow played this opening a few times and it is considered playable, but not often played among grandmasters. His most famous invention was the tricoloured lighting on naval vessels designed to prevent collisions at night. The evans gambit is an aggressive line of giuoco piano.

Fischer beating fine 30 is probably the difference between fischers 72. The evans gambit is a chess opening characterised by the moves. If you look at the fine print underneath the players winning percentages, youll see that evans gambit. Evans gambit is not refuted despite what some stuffy theorists will say. Evans gambit for the new generation wholesale chess. Gm boris altermans begins a two video series investigating perhaps one of the soundest of the romantic gambits from the 18th century that is still used at top level in the game today the evans gambit with 1 e4 e5 2 nf3 nc6 3 bc4 bc5 4 b4. Evans gambit chess gambits harking back to the 19th century. Featuring games of old, and numerous new and exciting ideas, this dvd will give you a genuine and more exciting way of playing the giuoco piano. The opening is evans gambit and i will show you how to play against it with confidence.

Le gambit evans est une ouverture du jeu dechecs qui commence par les coups. On the evans gambit, the older caffertyharding work 1976 gives more material on sidelines. The opening chess moves of the evans gambit are very active. With accurate play, black can come out stronger, but not in this game. The opening is evan s gambit and i will show you how to play against it with confidence. Openings part 1 garry kasparov teaches chess masterclass. If you would like to participate, please visit the project page, where you can join the discussion and see a list of open tasks. If black accepts, white can follow up with c3 and d4, ripping open the centre, while also opening diagonals to play ba3 or qb3 at some point, preventing black from castling. Around 18251826, on shore leave in london, evans played alexander macdonnell, beating the latter with what is now regarded in chess circles as the first creation of the evans gambit 1. The evans gambit is used to keep the black king from castling and overwhelm black with very active pieces in the centre. The evans gambit is a very aggressive line in the giuoco piano that has yet to be refuted.

And then evans gambit which, by the way, i played, as the world champion, quite successfully, quite a few times against players as strong as vishy anand. In the evans gambit games 1719 white does this directly with 4 b4, already bar. Our forefathers brilliant combinations, their imaginative attacking. Gm john nunn explains the ideas behind the daring evans gambit and the strategy you should use to play it successfully. The only update not included in this file is the evans gambit chapter, as the entire chapter can be found online at.

Much like other gambits, the evans gambit gives up an early pawn in exchange for rapid development and a lead in center control. Then on 10 qh4 nd5 11 qg3 gammbito can consider the evans gambit is an aggressive line of the giuoco pianowhich normally continues with the positional moves 4. If black accepts, white can follow up with c3 and d4, ripping open the centre, while also opening diagonals to play ba3 or qb3 at some point, preventing black from castling kingside and threatening the f7pawn respectively. A revised edition of a chess title, last published in 1976, which pr. In fact, the evans gambit is ideal as a weapon for all players who wish to learn the art of attack or simply want to improve their results.

Evans gambit and giuoco piano 71 introduction these two openings arise after black develops his bishop to the activelooking c5square. An introduction to the evans gambit richard westbrook, 2006. At the cost of a pawn white often gets complete domination of the centre or an assault against blacks king. This is a free internet update to the first edition of beating the open games by mihail marin. The material included is in the second edition of the book. For those players that like to play the giuoco piano i highly recommend playing the evans gambit.

However he did not have access to the pre1900 volumes of deutsche schachzeitung, as he writes in the bibliography. Eventually, emanuel lasker came up with the novelty that allowed getting an upper hand. Black usually should give back the pawn advantage laskers idea and try to counter whites development, however many players dont like to give back any material once they. The evans gambit is an aggressive line of the giuoco piano. In almost all lines black has to give back the pawn at one point or suffer a serious disadvantage. This is my 4th part of openings, and i selected it for defensive players. The more the end nears, the more complex the game becomes. I think it is whites best continuation in the giuoco piano and gives white lots of fighting. Rainfray 2270 koulitchenko 2150 fracht u18 11, 1999. Evans gambit is the 2nd popular continuation of giuoco piano 1st popular is classical c3 move. Download silman jeremy theory in the evans gambit pdf from 192 kb, schach chess evans gambit pdf from 55 kb free from tradownload.

It is less likely that an opponent is prepared for offbeat openings. The opening is named after william evans, who is the first player to use it. Evans gambit for the new generation this romantic and exciting opening is named after the welsh sea captain william davies evans who tried it first. This romantic and exciting opening is named after the welsh sea captain william davies evans who tried it first. A great opening for beating sub2000 players duration. This is often played by people unfamiliar with the evans gambit, but is arguably not as good as pick your username now and join the chessgames community.

After h2h3 there is also an interesting ide with nf3h2 and f2f4. Danish gambit, kings gambit, elephant gambit, latvian gambit, evans gambit, chess gambits, chess openings, bootstrap, monte. Grandmaster are beating grandmasters whether they accept or decline 1. C this article has been rated as cclass on the projects quality scale.

D44 queens gambit download book an unbeatable white repertoire after 1. The evans gambit is an aggressive variation of the giuoco piano. High this article has been rated as highimportance on the projects. Black wants a quiet positional game against the evans gambit by declining the bpawn. This opening, a variation of the giuoco piano, is named after the british sea captain, w. Robert james fischer vs reuben fine 1963 a fine line. The evans gambit is an attempt to destroy black in gambit fashion straight out of the opening.

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